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As we end 2020, I want to thank My Family, My Family Friends, My Work Family, My Relatives, Real Friends, Business Partners and Customers.

From the bottom of our hearts and MY HEART, and from our home to yours! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR MAKING ME STRONG! Thank you LORD for all the unexpected Blessings! Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year and Onwards to all of you.

Lastly thank you so much for this write up ML!!! See you soon and God Bless Us ALL!!!


The PureGroup of Companies

The year 2020 has been very daunting and challenging for all of us. It was quite a watershed moment for mankind, as a pandemic gripped the entire world and forced us to adapt and adopt new normal beginnings.

It was indeed a year of initiative, of pushing the limits of our creativity, and forcing us out of our comfort zones and into unknown territory.

But as difficult, formidable and imposing the challenges were brought by Covid-19, the PUREGROUP of COMPANIES solidified its presence by maximizing the range of opportunities that opened up under a global health crisis that drastically altered lifestyles in various communities and ecoystems.

And we are most pleased with how were able to navigate these turbulent times to pursue our business synergy, and strategically diversify while at the same time, enable us to heighten our coporate social responsibility.

As we look ahead in 2021 and beyond, we are most excited with what the future holds, as we present our formidable line up of business ventures and initiatives.

Purefeeds Corporation

As our flagship business, Purefeeds Corp. is our core competency as it is our rice milling, production and importation segment, together with its byproducts in food and feed ingredients. We are proud of the fact that Purefeeds Corp. is one of our companies which made it to the Top 500 Corporations of the Philippines.

Purefeeds Corp has gone a long way from its humble beginnings, when it started as a little-known Jomerco Merchandising that was established by our patriach, Joaquin Soliman.

Sta. Rosa Farm Products Corporation

Established in 1994 as an alternate company to assign other new products such as fertilizers, organic soil, other food ingredients, also with other rice variants and its byproducts.

This company also made it to the Top 5000 Corporations of the Philippines, and as our opening salvo in 2021, it will start with the production and distribution of its GLUTEN FREE pasta, macaroni, etc.

Pure Rice Milling and Processing Corporation

This is our allied company that is handling the cleaning, drying, storage, milling of locally produced palay before it is milled as rice. Our full support for local farming is clearly manifested with making available modern facilities like dryers, silos and perhaps the most sophisticated milling machines, all dedicated for our homegrown farmers.

PureAgri USA, LLC.

A company established abroad which is focused on LAND and AGRICULTURE development, and whose main goal is investing in agricultural real estate to help secure our food production. Right now, the 600 acres of land is planted with wheat to support US market and export market of the tenant.

Agri-Puro PNG Corporation Limited

This is another overseas company invested in the future mainly for Agriculture and Rice Production. There were serious doubts in our ability to produce rice in our target area in Papua New Guinea, but with perserverance and the righ frame of mind, we successfully made our first more rice yield that came out even with the minimum required fertilizer consumption.

PureH2o Corporation

This company was born out of necessity when we saw the need for clean, potable water, and cheap solar powered lights for less privileged communities. We had our first test run and mission in Nepal, after thr country was devastated by a massive earthquake. PureH2o was able to supply clean water for hospitals and other critical institutions.

Since then, there was no stopping our venture and volunteerism efforts as we supplied potable water, in cooperation with the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) in the aftermath of several calamities which hit Luzon and Visayas areas.

From thereon, bottled PureH2o water manufacturing and distribution will start in 2021.

My MedRx Plus Corporation

We are not deterred by failures in our endeavors, such as our first attempt into the pharmaceutical business which did not meet the expected results. But because it was a persistent and lifelong dream of our CEO to own and operate a drugstore, we persevered and are now ready to face our fear with this venture in the medical field. Because of Covid-19, it seemed fate is now kinder to us, and is charting our path to be an instrument to fulfill the demands of public health brought by a pandemic.

My MedRx Plus opened in February 2020, as demand for surgical masks rose because of the Taal Volcano eruption. From thereon, we went full speed with mass manufacturing of masks and PPEs, plus alcohol and bleach importation and repacking.

Our detemination and perseverance were fully recognized and acknowledged when we were awarded sole distributorship of two of the worlds FLU medicines, Avigan (Favipiravir), the 20-year old Japanese flu medicine used to treat Covid; and Arbidol (Umifenovir), the 7-year old flu medicine which was prescribed in the whole Wuhan province, China.

Pure Testing Corporation

As a complement to My MedRx, this company, which was previously inactive and part of the initial failed pharmaceutical endeavor, was revived to handle the diagnostics and testing requirements for the medicines and medical paraphernalia and equipment.

Pure Ride Corporation

Another big idea turned into reality. This company was established in 2014, and was inspired by the thought of answering the needs of employees and commuters who endure daily suffering because of the inadequate mass transportation.

Envisioned to be a full transport network vehicle service or TNVS, Pure Ride is currently limited to delivery service, but will eventually pursue its transition to a full TNVS.

PureToys Corporation

Literally one of the infant business of the PureGroup of Companies, this was firmed up 3 months ago, and was born out of the imaginative and playful vision of one of our founding directors, whose idea of personalizing and engraving toys became a full obsession of offering the full line of trending toys that are now available online.

PureRecycling Corporation

As part of its thrust and contribution to environment protection and sustainability, this company was developed to engage in garbage recycling and convert it to power generation. Also into pelletizing rice husk, it being one of the best biomass energy source used worldwide.

PureRecycling will also kick off 2021 with its PureFuel Gasoline Stations with combined PureMart, My MedRx Drugstores and FixroCorp Automobile Maintainance.

PureMobile Corporation

Recognizing the strategic importance of network and mobile communications, this company was established to engage in the set up nd supply of mobile communications, radios, satellite network, with an end view to become a full-pledged, alternative telecommunications company soon.

Settimo Drago Ratto Properties Incorporated

This is the holding company for property and real estate investment. Established in 2012 as another dream to consolidate assets and ensure their proper utilization and income generation.

Malolos Medium Industrial Corporation

This is perhaps one real estate investment which is full of business opprtunities, and that is expected to yield tremendous dividends.

This is a baby giant development of 100 Industrial Warehouses designed for small-medium enterprises, and most suited for allied businesses that are expected to sprout in the vicinity because of the new and massive Bulacan Airport.

The company will also handle the development of 3,000 housing units in Balayong, intended for the growing community who will seek affordable housing as an offshoot of the significant infrastructure development in Bulacan.

Soliman Properties Investments

This is another real estate company focused on land investments, port development, and agricultural lands for food production.

It should be emphasized though, that the PureGroup of Companies is not all about business, but in also helping make the lives of the Filipinos better.

Our humanitarian efforts are seeded through the following channels:

Rosita Soliman Foundation Inc.

Established 1989 in memory of the Matriarch, Rosita Soliman, who passed away due to cancer. Well loved and highly respected within the Fil-Chinese. Community, her passing was considered a great loss to the community's outreach program, and so the money contribution “Abuloy” that were offered were all converted to be used for educational and medical assistance. Eventually, it widened to become an endowment where its funds were utilized to build barrio schools across the regions (40 schools have been built since the birth of the foundation).

The RSF is deeply involved in various medical missions, including those special cases of child operation for Hirshprung, Cleft Lip and others. In cooperation with the Raha Volunteers Fire Department, the RSF regularly deploys and mobilizes volunteer personnel for Ambulance Rescue and Firefighting.

This year, and because of Covid-19, one commmercial asset of Settimo Drago Ratto Properties was converted to a Mini Hospital, capable of housing 60 patients at one time.

Pure Force and Rescue Corporation

Established in 2014, with the primary intent of bridging the need for prompt disaster and emergency response system, especially in urban areas. At one point, it was tasked to handle 911 Philippines, which it offered to operate for free.

Currently, its state-of-the-art Command Center is a facility that is linked directly to the One Hospital Command Center for Covid-19 emergencies.

The PureGroup of Companies is a vast network of business and charitable endeavors that aims to capitalize on every opportunity available, while being consciously aware of its responsibility to society, the environment, and the over-all well being of the country and its citizenry.

These listed companies under our umbrella group have been very active and robustly successful for the past 10-15 years, with the exception of the original rice business, which has been in existence for more than 70 years.

The PureGroup of Companies is about profit with dignity. It is also about giving opportunity to whoever dare dream of making the lives of the Filipino better and more prosperous.

With a solid, P26Billion strong asset base, the PureGroup of Companies is most determined to become a partner in nation-building, and will endeavor to ensure that the future of our children will be brighter than ever.

We are here for the Filipino. Now and in the years ahead. Thank you and we love you all!

PureAgri USA, LLC