Established to embrace all Profit and Non-profit Companies, Foundation, and organizations.

Engaged in importation, farming, wholesale, retail, milling of Rice, Feeds, Agricultural products and it's by-products for more than 30 years. Our mother company which is engaged in the Agriculture business it's on its 4 generation, for almost 75 years in existence. The group of companies is also very active on social organizations and activities.

Some of the affiliates and sister companies of Rosita Soliman Foundation Inc. are Purefeeds Corporation, Pure Rice Milling and Processing Corporation, Santa Rosa Farm Products, Puremass Corporation, PureAgri USA, LLC, Settimo Drago Ratto Properties Incorporated, Pure Testing Kits Corporation, Puremobile Corporation, Pure H2o and Solar Equipment Corporation, MY MED RX PLUS CORPORATION, and Pure Force and Rescue Corporation,

The family of the late Rosita See Soliman, Director Joaquin Soliman and the other current directors (children of Mr and Mrs. Soliman) started to have scholars with the funds contributed during the wake of Mrs. Rosita Soliman. Thru the years, the foundation has also been donating and helping the needy who do not have sufficient funds with their hospitalizations. The foundation too have supported operations for children with cleft lip, palate as well as other kinds of illness like children with HIRSCHPRUNG DISEASE.

With the continuous scholarship programs, the foundation started to donate school buildings thru FFCCI. Up until now, schools are being built all over the Philippines such as Bulacan, Caloocan, Cebu, Isabela, Mindoro, Davao, Tarlac and more. A total of 20 school buildings (40 classrooms) has already been established.

The foundation also donated medical and hospital equipments like nebulizers, infant incubators, and many more to hospitals like Philippine Children's Medical Center and Manila Doctors Hospital as well as to organization like National Press Club of the Philippines.

Moreover, the foundation has been continuously contributing rice, water, food and clothes to typhoons victims of Ondoy, Yolanda and more. Up to this day, the foundation still donates books and builds classroom to less fortunate area.

Some of the major partners of the Rosita Soliman Foundation Inc. in distribution of charity and donations are ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, GMA Kapuso Foundation, TV5 Alagang Kapatid Foundation, "Ako ang Simula" Foundation, Missionaries of Charity, Tzu Chi Foundation, The Tindog Tacloban, Federation of Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce Industry, Meralco Foundation, Erap Foundation, Life Line Foundation and more. The mission of Rosita Soliman Foundation Inc., is to continue all the charitable works that they have started not for all yet in the future for the many.

About four years ago the group of companies added and developed CAD and APPLICATION. It is a nationwide and a worldwide Emergency Response System as well supporting the mandate of President Rodrigo Duterte with regards to the Philippine Emergency Rescue System. Aside from that, a Nationwide FARMHELP Application and a Buy and Sell System of the Department of Agriculture was developed by the said Group of Companies.



It started as a vision of one man whose pioneering spirit enabled him to touch lives by the millions through his entrepreneurial and socio-civic endeavors.

Once upon a time, this young man gave up his own dream, to help his father and his family navigate through turbulent and tough times, and build an agricultural business monolith responsible for providing affordable, quality rice for most Filipino families.

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